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What Home Health Nurses Can Do

Sunshine Health Facilities home health nurses are truly special people. They are passionate about health care, compassionate to their patients, and understand the benefits of providing this care to patients in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. By working in this non-traditional nursing environment, our nurses enhance the lives of people from a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and needs in a place where patients feel most comfortable.

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Home is Where There is Care

Home health nurses are just like Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses working in a hospital, administering health care needs and treatments including taking and recording symptoms and taking vital signs, drawing blood, caring for wounds, administering medication, and providing information and education about home care for many ailments and diseases. Sunshine nurses often provide information that isn’t always provided by a doctor’s office or hospital visit.

Complex Care Made Easier for You

In healthcare today, there’s no way to avoid paperwork, even when providing treatment at home. Home health nurses keep up-to-date medical records and maintain other vital paperwork to ensure the accurate measurement and tracking of each patient’s progress.

Patient advocacy is an important aspect of being a home health nurse. During home care, our nurses get to know each patient and others in the household. SHFI nurses may learn of situations that affect patients' health and well-being and can share that information with the physician and social worker to improve treatment and care.

Good Health is a Family Affair

Family members often serve an important role in patient recovery and healing at home. Home health nurses can talk with family members and friends, educating them on how best to care for their loved one when the nurse is not there. Good health and safety is a community responsibility, and home health nurses provide education, expertise, and compassion caring that goes beyond the patient.

Treatment with the Comforts of Home

Services of Sunshine home health nurses include diabetes management; wound care; medication management; IV infusion and tube feedings; cognitive and memory strategies; speech therapy and swallowing exercises; nutrition and diet education; community service connections; medical social work services.

Home environments are not as controlled as those in hospital settings and include different circumstances for every individual. It helps that Sunshine’s home health nurses are independent, confident problem-solvers with flexible, positive attitudes who can take each patient and home situation in stride. This approach (along with a good sense of humor) provides home health patients with encouraging, customized care in a manner that works best for them and their families. We help patients manage their healthcare needs outside of visiting the hospital or ER.

How Can We Help?

Each person’s needs are unique. We’d love to talk with you about how we can customize the home care and treatment of you or a loved one. Please call us at (509) 321-9050.

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