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Wound Care with a Ray of Sunshine

Our skin is amazing. It protects us from external contaminants, cools us when we sweat, accounts for about 15% of our body weight, and has the capacity to heal itself. When a wound isn't healing properly, it can become a serious problem.

Sunshine’s on-staff Certified Wound Care nurse and associated health care professional assist with the care of patients dealing with troublesome, unhealed wounds.

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Multiple Causes. Multiple Treatments.

Wounds occur for many reasons — injury, lack of blood flow, and disease are common causes. Some wounds may not heal on their own and, if unaddressed, can get larger, more painful, and cause dangerous patient complications from an infection.

Proper wound care is critical — especially when recovering from an injury, managing personal health affected by diabetic or venous ulcers, and wounds caused by pressure or a lack of sensation.

At Sunshine Health Facilities, wound care is a top priority. Patients receive a tailored wound care program administered by a wound specialist. On-staff physicians and registered nurse practitioners are on-site five days a week to handle other medical needs that arise during wound treatment.

Sunshine provides all types of wound care in our facility and at home, including administering IVs, pressure bandages, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), and many more. It’s surprising how many wound treatment options patients can receive at home. Our wound care team can safely and expertly care for many chronic and other serious wounds without requiring ER or hospital visits.

Who Benefits from Specialized Wound Care?

Individuals suffering from unhealed chronic wounds from injuries or surgery benefit from specialized wound care and treatment from the Sunshine Health Facilities team of on-site and in-home professionals.

If you or a loved one has a wound that has not responded to conventional treatment after 30 days, then specialized wound care from Sunshine Health Facilities is the answer. Some common reasons for failing to heal include:

Conditions Sunshine Wound Care Treats

Good Health is More Than Just Skin Deep

Our skin does an incredible job protecting us from the world around us. However, when it has trouble maintaining that protection, Sunshine's wound care specialists provide the expertise, treatment, and compassionate care the wound requires to heal.

We Provide Health on the Path to Healing

Call us to talk with a compassionate wound care expert about we can help at (509) 321-9050.

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