Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy plays a critical role in rehabilitation with the goal of returning the patient to as normal a life as possible. Our Occupational Therapy services are an excellent choice for those looking to recover, develop, and maintain their everyday skills. Sunshine-employed licensed occupational therapists create individualized plans to fit each resident’s needs and conditions. Therapists are able to provide services 7 days a week so individuals can move closer towards independence.

Sunshine's Occupational Therapy Program

Many, but not all of our patients, are elderly, however, strokes, accidents, and injuries can happen to people of any age. Sunshine Health Facilities offers occupational rehabilitation for all ages in inpatient, long-term care, outpatient, or home care.

Conditions Treated by Sunshine's Occupational Therapists


How much therapy will I receive at Sunshine?
The amount of therapy varies depending on your primary diagnosis, needs, and health plan. For example, Medicare Part A covers 100 days of post-acute care where the patient stayed at least three days in an acute care hospital. Other times, Medicare Part B will cover certain therapies.

How Can We Help?

Everyone's needs are unique so we encourage you to call us to ask any questions or discuss specifics for tailored occupational therapy.